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about us

Mix & Mingle was created to fulfill Mumbai’s need for a fresh outlook on its social scene, particularly for the discerning singles crowd. We provide an opportunity for singles to expand their social network ‐ something that can be challenging for those who have a demanding job, are new to the city, are reserved by nature, or otherwise do not get the opportunity to meet new people. Via a series of cosy evenings, we connect eligible singles in a comfortable and friendly setting.

Mix & Mingle currently organizes events and matchmaking services for the following age brackets: 25‐35 years; 35‐50 years; and 50 and up. We also organize talks and workshops on topics relevant to singles.

All guests are screened prior to the events to ensure an enjoyable evening with a good mix of people and a balanced number of men and women. The venue is revealed post the screening process (registration form + brief phone interview).

Personal and contact information provided by the guests is kept confidential, and discretion is maintained at all times.


  • reema

    Reemma Dalal

    is single and lives in South Mumbai. She has worked for various consulates and organizations such as the French Consulate, Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Belgian Trade Commission, helping organize high profile events, amongst other roles. Prior to Co-founding Mix & Mingle, she worked with a French company that produced and sold art to various establishments. She speaks fluent French and has traveled to France and Italy for work assignments.

    Reemma loves to network and was keen to start this venture because she saw the need for a platform for singles, especially 35 and above, to meet the traditional, face-to-face way, rather than online. She hopes to do more events of various themes and build the brand into a platform for meeting one’s life partner.

  • reema

    Jemma J ANTIA

    is married and lives in South Mumbai. She is of Indian origin, was born and raised in the Philippines, and moved to Mumbai in late 2005. Her background is in publishing, particularly large‐format illustrated books and has worked with several high profile authors. She worked with India Book House and Pictor Publishing for many years prior to co‐founding Mix & Mingle.

    Jemma is also passionate about social development work. During her free time, she organizes events to help NGOs fundraise for their projects. Like Reemma, she saw the need for a platform for singles, particularly working professionals and entrepreneurs in their 30s, to meet in a comfortable and friendly setting.