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Mixers for Singles:

1. You must be legally single or not in a relationship to join our events.

2.Our events start post dinner at 9:00 pm and end at 12:00 midnight. We request you to come on time so that you have a chance to settle in and meet everyone.

3. If you are not on the guest list, you won’t be let in.

4. If you haven’t made the payment, you will be charged Rs 2,000 (cash only) at the gate.

5. We try our best to maintain a balanced ratio of men and women, and request you to inform us in case you have a change of plans.

6. Come with an open mind, and be ready to Mix & Mingle! We will be around to introduce members to each other, however, we encourage you to be proactive too!

7. Please be respectful of everyone at the party. We suggest exchanging email/Facebook IDs before phone numbers.

8. If someone asks us for your contact information after the event, we will share your email ID with them unless you’ve specifically asked us not to.

9. Please refrain from using the events to promote your business.

10. Valet service will be available at the venue

11. The fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be used for a future event.

Match Making Service:
The Clients and Their Potential Matches Should:

1. Be legally single, not dating anyone exclusively, and open to the possibility of settling down with the right partner.

2. Provide truthful information on the registration form and during the meetings.

3.Agree that some of your information and photographs will be shared with clients/potential matches only.

4. Agree to the time frame set for the 1‐on‐1 process.

5. Bear costs incurred during the meetings. Costs may be shared with clients/potential matches.

6. The client should agree to the fees, and that they are non-refundable and non-transferable. Services can be put on hold for a maximum period of 3 months.